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Providing Services

Clients have the ability to select their own food instead of receiving a pre-bags of groceries.

Seniors Feeding Program

Client Choice Food Pantry

Client Choice Food Pantry



Seniors must be Hollywood residents and 62+ years old. This grant is funded by the City of Hollywood.

Lots of food donations for our Hollywood residents in need.

Client Choice Food Pantry

Client Choice Food Pantry

Client Choice Food Pantry

 A Client Choice Pantry provides our clients with the ability to select their own food instead of receiving pre-packed or standard bags of groceries. 


Mobile Food Pantry

Client Choice Food Pantry

Mobile Food Pantry

 The Mobile Food Pantry provides nutritious perishable and non-perishable food in an effort to supplement hunger relief agencies. 



Youth Programs

Summer Youth Employment

Over 200 children have been hired for summer jobs through various summer employments. Work eligibility is determined by an experienced organization.


Youth Outreach
Youth participants are referred to programs that help develop their social and academic skills. Youth experience hands-on activities in a structured setting to promote social and self-management skills development. The age range is four through twenty.


Adopt a Child
Each child is assigned to a hospital employee or a department for fulfillment of their back to school needs. The volunteers provide a backpack with basic supplies. Often children will receive an abundance of supplies and clothing while others will only receive the basics.

Youth Crime Watch
YCW gives youngsters the tools and guidance necessary to actively reduce crime and drug use in their schools and communities.


Youth Reading and Math Program
Thank you to the Hollywood Police Department for a $5,000 grant for our youth reading and math program. A special thanks to Volunteer Staff Monique Tavares,  retired teacher’s Lesha McSwain, and Rosa Johnson. Two students were presented with Notebooks during Toy Giveaway Event – maintaining GPA 3.0 and higher for the school year. 

Senior Citizens Programs

Senior Employment
By attending the Memorial Healthcare System Coalition for a Healthy South Broward monthly meeting, 12 seniors received part-time jobs from various partners/business sitting at the table.

Computer Training
Seniors who are eligible for computer training must be 62 and older. As a result, of attending a 24-week course the senior receives a free refurbished computer. 56 seniors have graduated from this program.

Senior Wellness Program

Grant Funded. Every Tuesday City of Hollywood seniors only, 62 and older.


Day/Night Trips
Our seniors love to travel and see new things, trips consists of visiting museums, shopping, luncheons, cruises, plays, movies, financial workshops, health fairs, and seminars.

Outreach Programs

Robin’s Closet: A Career & Education Program
For the last three years, Robin has donated her upscale dry cleaner clothing, dresses, pantsuits, shorts, sweaters, blouses, and gowns, etc. There is a large assortment of upscale designer merchandise. The program also offers life skills training to enhance emotional growth through dynamic supportive systems.

Bike Giveaway Program
South Broward Wheel Adopt-a-Bike and Special Needs Bike programs provide bikes and helmets to low income, disadvantaged and special needs children and adults who would not be able to own a bike otherwise. SBW has provided over 1,800 bikes and helmets to various community groups within the tri-county area.

Cash for Trash
This program encourages positive relationships between neighbors and revitalizes the community. The funds raised ensure that the civic associations may continue to run other programs to help make their neighborhoods a more desirable place to live, work and play.