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A Mission Fueled by Volunteers and Partnerships

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  Honor a Loved One With a Tribute Gift!

A 'Tribute Gift' means so much. Not only for the honoree but for the millions of our neighbors struggling to put food on their tables.

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Youth volunteers!

Help End Hunger! It is projected that the number of low-income children will increase over the next five years. This year children will represent 62% of CEC’s client base. With effective intervention, the debilitation effects of hunger can be eliminated.

Events & Campaigns

The City of Hollywood, Florida organizations who also get involved with CEC.

There is no better way to join our mission and make your impact on hunger than by supporting events and campaigns. Whether dining out with friends, shopping online, or visiting your local supermarket, there are opportunities all year round to help raise funds, food, and awareness for our neighbors in need.  

Volunteers Are Needed!

Thanks to volunteers, just like you.

   Volunteers are needed throughout the year in the morning, afternoon, and some evening shifts. Some of the important jobs include ensuring food doesn’t go to waste, packing & sorting, and ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the many residents that turn to us daily for help. Whether you serve solo, as a part of a group, or as a family, there are many ways for you to make an impact. We look forward to you serving with us soon and often.

Monetary and Food Donations

CEC volunteers and its donations are supplied every day!

 Monetary and food donations are vital to our ability to enable the pantry with the resources needed to serve our city’s most vulnerable. In order to properly serve the many residents relying on the "Client Choice Food Pantry", help must come from different corners of compassion and leadership. Whether your business is in the food industry or not, whether you plan to make a difference solo or as a member of a team, there’s a community resident who needs you and many ways for you to serve.

Corporate Support

Community volunteers from BB&T

 Corporate support is not only vital to our mission, but it’s also vital to employee engagement and brand connectedness. CEC is lucky to count on some of the most prominent corporate brands as community partners. To ensure long term engagement, we offer dynamic partnership opportunities to fight hunger, a variety of educational programs, vocational preparation services, and basic needs distribution programs. Along with the bonding and connection service provides to each individual employee afforded to serve as a part of a brand, corporate service also provides important external exposures across multiple platforms. Service demonstrates the heart of any brand in very tangible ways. We look forward to helping your company select your path to community support and leadership.