Food Drives



CEC relies on the generous support of the community to host food drives, which ensure we receive shelf-stable products to feed our community / families.




Email us to register your food drive.  We will send you our Food + Fund Drive Kit that includes a list of top needed items, signs for your collection boxes, and a list of Q&As, as well as team member contact information to help you along the way. For additional questions, please e-mail us.


If you can’t collect heavy cans and transport them, you can set up a fundraiser from the comfort of your computer. This way, you can ask co-workers,friends and family from all over to participate! You can also create your own food drive page on gofundme and track your donors.


CEC rescues food from farmers, grocers, manufacturers, retail stores, and other donors of bulk, quality food that’s fit for consumption but not saleable. To join our list of food industry partners, please contact our Food Industry Manager, Nadine McCrea, at 954-629-9142

Tips for a Successful Food Drive


  • Location is everything. Consider a location that will be most visible – schools, grocery stores, gyms, libraries, offices, etc.
  • Pick a theme! A sure way to get people excited about your food drive is to ask them for items related to a specific topic. See below for creative theme ideas.
  • Make it a competition between classrooms, departments, teams to see who raises the most. Give the winning team an incentive such as a pizza party, casual dress day, gift certificates donated by local businesses and so on…
  • Spread the word! Ask friends and family to donate, reach out to local businesses, hang posters and fliers and share on social media.
  • And last but certainly not least: THANK everyone who donated and announced how much food was collected. Take a photo and celebrate!

Creative Themes for Food Drives


  • Fill a playpen with infant formula on Monday, collect canned tuna on Tuesday, plant a “garden” with canned vegetables on Wednesday, etc.
  • Can the Principal/Boss – fill the Principal or Boss’ office with cans of food.
  • Event Ticket – reduce the price of admission for each can or box donated.
  • Bake Sale/Car Wash – a can buys a baked good or a bag of food buys a car wash.
  • Build a Food Sculpture – Mountain of Macaroni & Cheese, Tower of Tune, Pile of Peanut Butter, etc.
  • Meat the Need – collect canned meats.
  • Souper Bowl – collect donated soup before the Super Bowl.
  • Penny Drive – every penny counts, the proceeds are donated for the Food Bank to purchase food at wholesale price.
  • Hunger Doesn’t Take a Summer Vacation – collect breakfast and lunch items before the school year ends.
  • Winter Warm-Up – collect items such as stew, soup, hot cocoa, etc.

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